June 25, 2019

On October 6, 2017, the CPSC Published a Notice of a Petition for Rulemaking for a Safety Standard for Magnet Sets

DATES:  Submit comments by December 5, 2017

Summary:  The Consumer Product Safety Commission has published a notice inviting comments on a Petition for Rulemaking from Zen Magnets, LLC.  The petition proposes that the CPSC establish a safety standard for small magnet set which would:

  • Require individual magnets and each magnet in a magnet set that fits entirely within the cylinder described in 16 CFR 1501.4 (small parts cylinder) to have a flux index of 50 kG2mm2 or less if the product is designed, marketed, or manufactured for children under the age of 14 years.
  • Establish standards for magnet set packaging, such as requiring packaging to be difficult for children to open and assist users in determining whether all magnets are returned to the package after use.
  • Provide specific warning requirements relating to ingestion hazards and recommending that the product is not intended for children;
  • Provide instructional requirements that indicate how to avoid using the magnet set in a way that can lead to ingesting, aspirating, or inserting the magnets into the body and how to return magnets to the packaging; and
  • Require warning and instructions for magnet sets to include an age recommendation of 14 years or older.